Who We Are


William (AKA the Boss): The product of a lifetime immersed in books, William has served the Central Virginia community as an attorney, historian and educator for almost 40 years. Once he built a scale model of the colonial settlement at Jamestown using only popsicle sticks and library paste and received a gold star for his effort. He worries now that perhaps he peaked a little too early in life. Specialities- World military history, American history and literature.


Emma: Executive Vice-President in charge of anything that needs to be done well, Emma has been with us from the very start. An accomplished historian, journalist and Boss's daughter, here she specializes in the Holocaust, current events, and pop culture.


Paul: Advisor on all things technical, brother Paul has an advanced degree in USNavy- where he honed his computer skills defending freedom from the deck of a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. Now he uses these awesome tools to help Bokonon Books fight ignorance everywhere. Specialities- Science, technology, and (of course) science fiction.


Kelsey:  A former zoology student of the Boss's sister at NC State, Kelsey took a year to whip things into shape around here, then ran off to the mountains to become Bokonon Books' first telecommuter. Specialty- Putting a positive spin on EVERYTHING.


 Mrs. Chippy: The real brains behind the operation, Mrs. Chippy contends that every self-respecting bookstore has to have a cat. Who are we to argue?